The Stormrider Surf Guide New England - Bruce Sutherland

The Stormrider Surf Guide New England

By Bruce Sutherland

  • Release Date: 2014-03-17
  • Genre: Sports et plein air


New England, the cluster of six states occupying the extreme northeast corner of the United States, is fabled for its fiercely cold winters, yet it is situated on about the same longitude as southern France. Four of these states touch on the Atlantic Coast and have surfable waves: Maine (ME), New Hampshire (NH), Massachusetts (MA) and Rhode Island (RI).
In fact, New England boasts the American East Coast’s best surfing areas. Further to the south, a broad, smoothly sloping continental shelf drains incoming swells of much of their wave energy, but here the offshore waters are deep and swells sweep into shore with plenty of punch still left in them. New England’s four surfing states are the only places in the east where you’re likely to encounter rocks in the surf. Pointbreaks and reefs, consisting of boulders, pebbles, or fingers of rock, provide a contoured base for some killer waves. Complimented by a scenic landscape of forested hills and a twisting coastline, New England is a beautiful and laid-back place to check out.
Hospitable people, plenty of history, unique architecture, and autumnal colors, are just some of the attractions for the millions of tourists who flock here in summer and fall. But, if it’s surf you’re after, then any season other than summer is going to be your best bet, which means thick rubber, thick skin, and hopefully some thick waves. Respectful travelers will find the hardy locals friendly and accommodating, unlike New England’s winter conditions, which can be extreme.

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