Precision Wing Chun - Level 4 - Greg Tupper

Precision Wing Chun - Level 4

By Greg Tupper

  • Release Date: 2016-02-05
  • Genre: Sports et plein air


Precision Wing Chun Level 4 is about the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Set. This first volume is training manual which will enhance your performance and understanding of this set. This is true regardless of your level in Wing Chun, or who your Sifu is. The reason that this is true is that the Precision Wing Chun Method Of Study is about developing “Gravity Line Awareness”.  If you have worked your way though our previous three books you already have this awareness. This book is very advanced, and it will be difficult for you to understand if you haven’t worked on the first three levels of Precision Wing Chun. This is a continuation of the journey that: 
Adds footwork and arm techniques that confine your gravity line to a single line (Level 2)
Adds the concept of balancing your energy against an opponent’s energy (Level 3) 
In level 4 you learn the sophisticated footwork that is required to deliver your maximum potential energy into a hardwood log. To this end you will be shown a series of drills that lock in the Dummy concepts for the first two sections of the set. The last Chapter provides you with the set sequence for these two sections. You will learn the ultimate bone alignment to achieve this maximum energy. And you will be taught the midpoints in the transitions between those ideal positions. In the process you learn how to maintain your structure before, during, and after you execute a dummy movement.